Design and Develop for Digital Experience

I’m a freelance designer and front-end engineer based in Tokyo, Japan.
Working mainly in website design and development, UI/UX design, CI/VI design, Graphic design for paper media and packages, and occasionally video editing and illustration.


Shiro Nishiyama

I started learning web design on my own in early 00s, and joined an entertainment business company as a designer in 2011. I worked there for business websites, print media, and mobile application UI. In November 2018, I became independent and started Rib Design Works.
I’m also in a punk rock band Take Back The Beers! and running a punk rock record label Rib Records.


There is no value in a design that is merely beautiful. Also, No matter how advanced the Technology is, it is useless if there is no interface to use it.

Design should be more logical, engineering should be more creative.

I try to cover the entire production process to create consistent creativity and a better user experience.


Feel free write to me and tell about your project.

If you have business inquiries, creative talks, drinking party invitations, or anything else. Just fill this form in and I will reply soon.